After Spring
Documentary Feature
Contemporary Arts CenterThu, Oct 13, 2016 8:00 PM
Co-Directors/Producers in attendance
Event Date Passed  
Canal Place Theatre 1Thu, Oct 20, 2016 6:15 PM
Co-Directors/Producers in attendance
Event Date Passed  
Film Info
Release Year:2016
Production Country:USA
Original Language:Arabic
Community Partners:Louisiana Chapter National Lawyers Guild
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Ellen Martinez
Steph Ching
Produced By:Producers: Steph Ching
Ellen Martinez
Executive Producers: Jon Stewart
Chris McShane
Cinematography:Jason Graham Howell
Frank Weiss
Editing By:Paul Lovelace
Welcome to Zaatari, the largest Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, and with a population of around 80,000, its 10th largest city. Founded in 2012, what was once seen as a temporary shelter has, for many, become a frustratingly permanent home. In the face of these desperate conditions, the ever hopeful and resourceful residents of the camp run businesses, attend school, and even set up a taekwondo academy to keep themselves from imploding under the immense stress of the circumstances. And yet, despite these touching occurrences, After Spring is not blinded by its momentary optimism. Glimpses of supply shortages and refugees’ personally told harrowing stories gives us a firmly grounded sense of the real struggles faced by the camp’s occupants. In a time of rampant xenophobia, such a humanistic portrait of the refugee crisis has never felt more welcome. -Peter Goldberg
Steph was Associate Producer on Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon. Ellen was Associate Producer on Tested, a feature documentary about educational inequality in the NYC public school system.