The Tempest: Stratford Festival


Mary D. Fisher Theatre Sun, Jul 7, 2019 3:00 PM
Film Info
Event Type:Stratford Festival on Film
Run Time:2 hours, 42 minutes


The Stratford Festival’s renowned new production of “The Tempest” makes its Sedona big-screen debut on Sunday, July 7. The Sedona International Film Festival hosts the high-definition premiere from its home in Canada’s prestigious festival. There will be one show at 3 p.m. at the festival’s Mary D. Fisher Theatre.

Magic is in the air in the Stratford Festival’s latest production of Shakespeare’s final masterpiece, “The Tempest”, an elaborate production with eye-popping costumes.

“The real magic and grandeur come from Martha Henry as Prospero” (The New York Times). She is “one of the true greats” (Chicago Tribune), giving a performance full of “passion and power” (The Globe and Mail). “She’s riveting from her first moments on stage” (Postmedia). “The poetry emerging from her lips is something to behold” (Now Magazine).

Befitting the play’s origins as the original sci-fi story, the production features spectacular stagecraft and is filled with giant monsters and sparkling special effects. “Seeing it is a joy” raves the Toronto Star.

For twelve years, Prospero, former Duchess of Milan and a practitioner of the magical arts, has been marooned on a remote island with her daughter, Miranda. They landed there by chance after Prospero’s brother, Antonio (aided by Alonso, King of Naples), deposed her from her throne and cast her and Miranda – then not quite three years old – out to sea in a decaying and ill-equipped vessel. Prospero has spent her exile establishing dominion over the island’s other inhabitants, the monstrous creature Caliban and the spirit Ariel. Now, alerted by a sign in the heavens that Antonio and Alonso are within reach of her vengeance, she uses her magical powers to raise a storm at sea that brings them and the others aboard their ship, including Alonso’s son, Ferdinand, to the same island. With Ariel’s help, Prospero orchestrates a confrontation with her old enemies – and a new destiny for Miranda.