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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

After being mortally wounded and taken to the morgue, murderer Jason Voorhees spontaneously revives and embarks on a killing spree as he makes his way back to his home at Camp Crystal Lake.
Fri, Aug 13 8:00 PM
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Old Couch Music Festival

Come down to the 4th Annual Old Couch Music Festival and enjoy music from Jonas Woodstock, Flash in a Pan, Hurricane Ruth, and Burlington favorite Eric Pettit Lion.
Sat, Aug 14 6:00 PM
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Mick Foley "Nice Day" Tour

Mick Foley, better known as Mankind, Cactus Jack, or Dude Love, is a legendary professional wrestler, turned multi-time best-selling author , turned stand-up comic/spoken word performer.

Sun, Sep 12 7:00 PM
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The Misplaced Comedy Group Featuring Dave Greenan

Hutch Productions presents a full night of nonstop comedy! The Misplaced Comeey Group featuring Dave Greenan, Natasha Samreny, Janet Day and Steven Grabo
Sat, Sep 25 7:00 PM
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Hotel Desperado - A Tribute to the Eagles

Hotel Deperado ia a thoroughly authentic tribute band to the Eagles founded by veteran musicians with a drive to create the most authentic Eagles experience around.
Fri, Oct 8 7:30 PM
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Recaptured - A Journey Tribute

ReCaptured is the nation's most authentic Journey tribute act: bringing the music of Journey to life with unequaled dedication and attention to detail.
Sat, Oct 9 7:30 PM
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Almost Kiss

Come experience the greatest KISS Tribute band in the world....Almost KISS!!!
Sat, Nov 13 8:00 PM
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The Edwards Twins - 2 Brothers, 100 Stars - Cher, Elton, Dolly, Streisand and MORE!

Anthony & Eddie Edwards use state of the art make-up to look and sound like the superstars of today and yesterday. All your favorite legendary Superstars come alive in An Evening with The Stars.
Sun, May 22, 2022 2:00 PM7:00 PM
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