Event Information
2024 Admission Wristbands
Sunday, May 5, 2024
  • Tailgate Guest Wristbands can only be purchased using the unique code given to the tailgate space owner.

  • Tailgate Guest Wristbands may be purchased for $60/adult and $30/Under 21;

  • Children under age 10, accompanied by an adult are complimentary and need a wristband, they do not count against the 20 maximum guests per tailgate space;

  • Patron Guest Wristbands only $100.00 *includes amenities;

  • All Tailgate Parking Spaces include Four Adult Tailgate Guest wristbands.

Event Pricing
Additional Guest- Tailgate Guest Wristband
Additional Guest- Tailgate Guest under 21 Wristband
Additional Guest- Tailgate Child under 10 Wristband - $0.00
Additional Guest- Tailgate Patron Guest Wristband

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Guest Wristband
Guest under 21 Wristband
Child under 10 Wristband - $0.00
Patron Guest Wristband
$100.00  *includes amenities

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