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Sync Mentoring with Washington Street

Film and TV Sync Licensing Mentor

Washington Street Publishing is one of the first independent publishers in Nashville to move into sync licensing. Known as a trusted source for curating cutting-edge indie music, the company has built a diverse catalog that spans multiple genres. As a trusted 'sync agent', WSP works closely with music supervisors in the US, Canada, and abroad and has sucessfully placed songs and instrumental cues in a variety of TV shows, trailers, movies, and feature films.

Nancy and Queenie will guide you through the process of “syncing” your songs in film & TV. Yes, they will both be in this mentoring session with you where you will learn how to write, produce, and pitch songs that will grab the attention of music supervisors. Get the “inside info” about what music they are seeking for current projects!  Now more than ever, the sync world is open to the music of the independent writer and artist. So, get ready! The 1-hour session will include an evaluation of 2-3 of your songs for film/tv placements.

After your purchase, Nancy or Queenie will contact you to set up a date and time for your session. Please review your contact information in your GSC account for accuracy before you purchase a session with Washington Street.

For a full bio on the company, please visit the GSC website under the Mentoring section.

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