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Buying a pass is still the best way to experience all the myriad joys True/False has to offer. Different pass levels include different perks, but buying any pass allows you the key advantage of reserving tickets online in advance of the festival.

Below you'll see the options to buy a single pass, or two passes at once with the 'dual' option. If you want to make your own ticket reservations, solo, the single pass is for you!  If you and a partner plan to make your ticket reservations together, we strongly recommend the dual option-this is the way you can link your passes for ticket reservations.

If you’ve purchased passes in the past, the site may look a bit different this year! In 2021, we adopted a new ticketing system that offers digital ticketing options. You might see some different words like “membership” instead of “passholder” or “member number” instead of “purchase code”. But in practice, the functionality is very similar and we’ll continue to give passholders step by step details for making ticket reservations in February. 

Note: All passes are non-transferable. Any times listed are CT.

Refund Policy: Buying a pass for 2022 is, in part, a commitment to supporting the long-term survival of RFS! Prior to ticket reservations opening in February, we can refund 50% of a pass purchase. No refunds will be issued after reservations have begun for your pass type. If the Fest is canceled due to factors outside of our reasonable control, 50% of the pass price is non-refundable. Refunds will not be given for ticket purchases online, at the Box Office, or via the Q.

Health Policy: Please review the RFS health policy in place as of Sept 10, 2021. Health precautions are re-evaluated regularly to adapt to the local transmission rates of COVID-19. The same COVID vaccination requirements are expected to be in place for True/False 2022, and more detail, including masking requirements, will be determined and announced closer to the event.

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