Event Information
2019 FCS Kickoff
Cramton Bowl
Saturday, Aug 24, 2019 2:00 PM

Youngstown State will be seated on the West side (sections A - G)

Samford will be seated on the East side (sections N - S)

If you want to sit in a team allotment, please contact the Athletic Ticket Office for that team.

Premium Parking is available for purchase at $10.00 each.  You may purchase one (1) parking pass, in a premium lot, for every four (4) tickets you purchase up to three (3) parking passes.

up to 4 tickets = 1 pass

up to 8 tickets = 2 passes

9 plus tickets = 3 passes max

Select your quantity of tickets, then Add to Cart to get the opportunity to order parking.

PLEASE NOTE:  Parking passes for Field Suite and ESPN Zone ticket purchases are included in the price of the tickets

1 parking pass per 4 tickets purchased.

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