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Sunday, Mar 29, 2020 3:00 PM
Quartet of trumpet, piano, bass & drums

Led by famed Canadian trumpeter Jens Lindemann, formerly of Canadian Brass

Fantastic tour in 15-16 for Allied

Great musicianship, fabulous fun and familiar program

Jens is a born entertainer - friendly, quick witted and wonderful with the audience

A cappella quintet famed for Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego on PBS

Formed in '86 and have performed across the US and around the world w/ especially strong ties to Japan

Numerous t.v. appearances including Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno, a Whoopi Goldberg comedy special, Taco Bell and Folger's commercials

Pop, Motown, Soul, Rock ?n Roll and a few originals

Excellent rapport with the audience

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Concert postponed until further notice.