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Monkey? What about a giraffe? Ever thought about adopting a zebra? What about a lion or perhaps a chimp? They're just like kids - just a little hairier.  There is nothing better than becoming an adoptive zoo parent.

Becoming an adoptive zoo animal parent can be one of the greatest and rewarding experiences - and you don't even have to hire a babysitter*.  Adoptions aid in the care, conservation and well-being of the Zoo animals, as well as, makes a great gift for any occasion.  Graduation, birthday, wedding ... or just something special for that person in your life that seems to have everything - there is a perfect match for everyone.

*NOTE: All adopted animals remain at the Montgomery Zoo and remain in the care of the Montgomery Zoo Aminal Care and Veterinarian Staff.  Adoptive Parents do not care for or obtain the selected animal at any point during the adoption period.

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Patron Level - Adoption - $50.00  

Guardian Level - Adoption - $100.00  

Talon Level - Adoption - $250.00  

Legacy Level - Adoption - $500.00  

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