Follow the Peace Trail: Free Concert


Mary D. Fisher Theatre Thu, Sep 19, 2019 7:00 PM
Film Info
Event Type:Free Live Concert Event
Run Time:2 hours


We are following the Peace Trail throughout the month of September with a series of free events focused on peace - peace in our hearts, peace in our world. As part of this series of events, Shey Khandro, along with Goldenstein Gallery and other Sedona peace advocates, are hosting a free live concert at the Mary D. Fisher Theater September 19, from 7-9 pm.

Composer and musician Valerie Romanoff will take the audience on an experience of STILL CHILL THRILL award winning New Age music; STILL- music for contemplation, CHILL- music for activation and THRILL- music for celebration. Joined by musical friends Michael Kollwitz (stick), Adriel Zang (percussion) and Troy Perkins (bass), Valerie (electric guitar) will empower the present moment with sounds and ideas to find inner harmony and help broadcast intentions for peace and love.  Valerie’s music will underscore a special Peace Day guided meditation by Shey, and together they will perform original music meant to inspire and uplift the spirit.  Valerie’s music can be streamed on Spotify and YouTube, downloaded on iTunes and CD Baby, and purchased on Amazon.

The event will highlight the work of Sedona’s International City of Peace. Also joining us is Zoe Wild, visionary and founder of One Light Global, to share about her work on the Hopi reservation in Arizona.

“World Peace begins with finding Peace within ourselves,” says local artist and inspirational speaker Shey Khandro.

Please join us as we seek to empower peaceful solutions, cultivate compassion and inspire action one small act at a time. All are welcome.


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