Outspoken Short Film & Discussion



Floralee Hark Cohen Cinema Sun, Sep 29, 2019 4:00 PM


4pm OUTSPOKEN (30 min short) followed by a discussion with film subjects and Fairness WV

Film Synopsis (30 min.)
Jeanne Peters and her wife Kim Williams turn accidental activists after their West Virginia city government votes down an ordinance protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination.
Abominations. Sexual predators. The gay agenda. “I heard these people saying things about us, and they don’t know me,” Jeanne says. At a decisive moment in Parkersburg’s history, LGBTQ residents fight back for change. At 15 years old, Ivy Herriges holds political leaders accountable to support the rights of her family. Ashton speaks out after they are fired from a job and searches for community in a church that may not be open to their identity. The film points an honest lens at the tension Ashton experiences with their faith. OUTSPOKEN offers an unexpected voice from the Appalachian region where LGBTQ people are underrepresented. Collectively, their stories call us to reimagine the power of a small town queer community.