Family Film Day

  • Ant Ant
  • Ballbounce Ballbounce
  • Dumbtime Dumbtime
  • Grizzly Approved Grizzly Approved
  • Kaal Kaal
  • Kuap Kuap
  • Nobody Nose Cleopatra Nobody Nose Cleopatra
  • Sam's Dream Sam's Dream
  • Sloth Sloth
  • Sunday Sunday
  • The Pig on the Hill The Pig on the Hill
  • The Sandpit The Sandpit
  • Transmitter Receiver Transmitter Receiver
  • Turbopera Turbopera
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Short Film Programs
Special Events
Family Programming
Running Time:150 minutes
Extra Search Properties
Date Search:Mon 11/11
Venue:Gold Coast Arts Center



Spend Veterans Day (when school is closed) at the Gold Coast Arts Center.

Join us for a fantastic day filled with FAMILY-FRIENDLY SHORT FILMS and FUN, HANDS-ON ART ACTIVITIES
Includes lunch and snacks.

*Please note: every child must be accompanied by an adult (and every adult accompanied by a child.)
No more than 3 children per adult.

Tickets are $20 for kids (adults come FREE!)

Presented in partnership with: Long Island Parent Magazine

Included Shorts

Ant (4min) 2017 | Germany More
Ballbounce (2min) 2017 | USA More
Dumbtime (4min) 2018 | France More
Grizzly Approved (4min) 2018 | USA More
Kaal (5min) 2018 | France More
Kuap (7min) 2018 | Switzerland More
Nobody Nose Cleopatra (7min) 2016 | France More
Sam's Dream (7min) 2018 | France More
Sloth (4min) 2017 | Germany More
Sunday (8min) 2019 | Switzerlandn More
The Pig on the Hill (6min) 2018 | USA More
The Sandpit (7min) 2018 | Australia More
Transmitter Receiver (9min) 2017 | Canada More
Turbopera (2min) 2018 | France More