Tel Aviv On Fire

Semeh Zoabi I 2018 I 100 min I Israel | English subtitles


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Films with Q&As
Jewish Interest
Narrative Films
World Cinema
Release Year:2018
Running Time:100 minutes
Production Country:Israel
Original Language:Hebrew
Festival Awards:OFFICIAL SELECTION: Venice International Film Festival
Toronto International Film Festival
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Semeh Zoabi
Producer:Amir Harel
Bernard Michaux
Miléna Poylo
Gilles Sacuto
Alice Bloch-Robin (associate producer)
Ayelet Kait (associate producer)
Philippe Logie (associate producer)
Jani Thiltges (associate producer)
Claude Waringo (associate producer)
Co-Producer:Patrick Quinet
Arlette Zylberberg
Screenwriter:Dan Kleinman
Sameh Zoabi
Cinematography:Laurent Brunet
Editing By:Catherine Schwartz
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Date Search:Tues 11/5
Venue:Soundview Cinemas
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 Hapless television production assistant Salam stumbles his way into a writing gig on the hit Palestinian soap opera, Tel Aviv on Fire. With zero prior experience, he's in over his head until he's stopped by Israeli border guard Assi, who happens to be a huge fan of the show. They soon work out a winning arrangement - Assi becomes an unofficial ghostwriter and Salam gets the credit - but when the two come to an artistic disagreement about how the story should end, Salam finds himself in the middle of a conflict that extends beyond fiction.

Playfully floating between reality and farce, the third feature from Sameh Zoabi is a congenial comedy about the personal and political forces that can both divide and unite.

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Venice International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival


Ido Aharoni serves as Global Distinguished Professor for International Relations at New York University. He is a Global Ambassador of the Genius 100 Community, Co-Founder of Emerson Rigby, a member of the International Advisory Council of APCO Worldwide, a Global Ambassador for Maccabi World Union and the Chairman of the Charney Forum on New Diplomacy. Aharoni is a 25-year veteran of Israel Foreign service. He is a place branding and public diplomacy specialist, founder of the Brand Israel program and a well-known nation branding practitioner.

Aharoni has been Israel's longest serving Consul-General in New York and the tri-state area to date. He held that position with the rank of Ambassador for six years, overseeing the operations of Israel's largest diplomatic mission worldwide.