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2017 I France

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Great Shorts 2
Great Neck Squire Cinemas Sat, Nov 9, 2019 1:00 PM
Narratives and documentaries; comedies and dramas; true stories and fantasies and everything in between. Join us for one of our fantastic shorts programs that prove that good things DO come in small packages. All short film programs curated by Alexandra Gil.
Film Info
Release Year:2017
Running Time:12 min
Premiere Status:United States Premiere
Production Country:France
Original Language:French
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Eric Génovèse, Pauline Etienne, Jean-Claude Carrière
Director:Emmanuel Blanchard


Paris, 1942. In the midst of the occupation, an unscrupulous merchant is buying Jewish collectors' works of art at low prices. He manages to enter the apartment of Mr. Klein, who seems to have a truly fabulous collection.