Variety All Stars Live!!!



Rohs Opera House Sat, Jan 11 7:00 PM


Reed & Ashton Masterson in conjunction with Rohs Opera House proudly present... Variety All Stars Live!!!

Variety All Stars Live is the same high tech, fast paced, high energy show you have grown to love from us (The Mastersons)... but without us!  Don't throw in the towel just yet... Hear us out. We will be there. We will make a guest appearance performing something completely brand new as well as host each show, but we're not the headliners. Each show will showcase one of our many performer friends whom is considered to be the TOP in their field. We're talking multi award winning, nationally & internationally known, as seen on TV, Variety Arts Entertainers. That means, Escape Artists, Ventriloquists, Hypnotists, Fire Performers, Physical Comedians and so much more! Cynthiana, KY will not know what hit them!

Let's meet this month's ALL STAR!

Direct from Holland, Comedy Juggler Niels Duinker!

Crowds around the world – from Europe to Asia, from Las Vegas to Dubai have experienced the wonder and excitement of Niels Duinker live. Clubs, machetes, chain saws, and even jokes are kept flying effortlessly in this fast and funny, high tech variety show. Witnessed by audiences on all 7 continents, the one thing guaranteed to drop will be your own jaw!

His youthful exuberance and family-friendly presentation make him a favorite everywhere. According to the press, “Gravity doesn’t stand a chance with Niels Duinker in the room.” Niels himself sees gravity as a joke. What’s not a joke is what you will witness at this show. The exact feats that earned him a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records, 8 TIMES. Funny audience participation. Impressive technical skill. Watch as Niels juggles razor-sharp knives, blindfolded! A trick he hopes to see for himself someday.

Catch Niels live in Cynthiana for his first ever Kentucky appearance.