Sasha Heinz, Ph.D., MAPP


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The Science of Mindset:
Your Thoughts Create Your Reality
Whether you heard it from self-help books, new age spirituality, or you just stumbling upon “The Secret", the idea that our thoughts create our reality is becoming a part of the cultural zeitgeist. But, is this New Age woo woo or evidence-based science? Emerging research from top universities, including Yale, Harvard, and Stanford, suggests that what you think matters in some rather unexpected ways. In her talk, Sasha Heinz, Ph.D., MAPP, will share the science of mindset and why learning how to mind your mind is the linchpin of well-being and, even, the best defense we have against the grim reaper.

Sasha Heinz, Ph.D., MAPP, Developmental Psychologist and Life Coach, is an expert in Positive Psychology, lasting behavioral change, and the science of getting unstuck. Dr. Heinz has leveraged her academic expertise as a former faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology program to give her clients the tools to change their lives for good. In her private coaching practice, she helps achievement junkies feel as good on the inside as their lives look on the outside. A graduate of Harvard University and a working mom, she’s lived life on the frontline of the battle with perfectionism. So, she can help you with that, too.