David Pond


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Guided Meditation: Inner Smile
Digital Screening Room Tue, Dec 15, 2020 6:00 AM


Astrology for 2020 and Beyond: A Time of Transformation
Astrologers have been preparing us for 2020 to be a year world changing transformation and indeed it has been with the pandemic and civil rights issues both requiring us to reexamine the way we live in the world with each other. We will explore the astrology cycles that have led to this year of upheavals and what type of cosmic influences we can look forward to for the rest of this year and next. The pandemic and resulting shutdowns have pressed the cosmic reset button giving us an opportunity to reinvent the world that we want to live in together with increased awareness of how inter-connected all of life is.  We will also focus on maintaining individual well-being in these times of uncertainty and change.

David Pond is an astrologer, author, speaker, and international workshop leader. He has published numerous books on metaphysical topics, including Astrology and Relationships, Chakras for Beginners, Chakras Beyond Beginners, The Pursuit of Happiness, Western Seeker, Eastern Paths, Llewellyn's Little Book of Meditation. and most recently, Astrology for Beginners, released February 2020. David has a Master of Science degree in “Experimental Metaphysics” and has been practicing astrology for over 35 years. David consults with clients regularly helping them work with their astrology to find a meaningful and fulfilling life and strategize through times of transition.