Dali Virtual Tour

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Biggs Museum of American Art Tue, Dec 15 6:00 PM


Salvador Dali's The Divine Comedy
Tuesday | December 15, 2020 | 6 PM - 7 PM


Join the Sewell C. Biggs Curator of American Art, Ryan Grover as he guides you through a look at Dali's later-in-life illustrations for The Divine Comedy. This bibilically-inspired literary masterpiece was created by the Renaissance poet, Dante Alighieri, and depicts his travel through all the levels of the afterlife. 

This virtual tour is part 1 of the Biggs' virtual celebration of the exhibition Life and Death in the Visions of Salvador Dali please join us in January as we explore his early illustrations for Les Chants de Maldoror, accompanying The Divine Comedy in this exhibiton. 

Register online for tickets or call 302-674-2111.  For questions, please contact Kristen Matulewicz, Curator of Community and Academic Programs, at kmatulewicz@biggsmuseum.org or ext. 104.

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