Thou Shalt Not Hate (Non odiare)

Mauro Mancini I 2020 I 96 min I Italy


Digital Screening Room 2 Mon, Oct 19 12:00 AM
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Dramas & Thrillers
Foreign Films
Virtual Film Programs
Release Year:2020
Running Time:96 min
Production Country:Italy
Original Language:Italian
Festival Awards:OFFICIAL SELECTION: Venice Film Festival
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Mauro Mancini


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PLEASE NOTE: This film is only available to be streamed by audiences in Long Island and Queens on October 19 & 20

Simone Segre, a renowned surgeon of Jewish origins and son of a Holocaust survivor, lives in a city in the north-east of Italy. He leads a quiet life, in an elegant apartment, with no real connection with his family's past. One day he finds himself assisting a victim of a hit and run accident. But when he discovers a Nazi tattoo on the man's chest, Simone abandons him to his destiny. Filled with guilt, he ends up tracing the man’s family: Marica, the eldest daughter; Marcello, a teenager plagued with racial hate; and little Paolo; whom Marcia attempts to shield from his older brother’s beliefs.  Segre tries to get close to the family, dismissing his cleaning lady and entrusting the housekeeping to Marica, who’s now desperately in search of money to make ends meet. But as the two bond, and with Marcello’s increasing unpredictability, a moment comes when Marcia unknowingly asks for payback.  A tense and touching drama, with appropriately nuanced performances by Alessandro Gassmann as the surgeon and Luka Zunic as the troubled Marcello.

*Premiered at the 2020 Venice Film Festival


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