The Arch.


Virtual Cinema Thu, Nov 19 5:00 PM - Thu, Dec 3 11:59 PM
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Q&A after the film with: Director Alessandra Stefani
Film Info
Run Time:103 min
Release Year:2020
Production Country:Italy
Original Langauge:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Alessandra Stefani



Taking the guise of a contemporary explorer, an Italian architect named Dada boards a flight to Australia. There, he begins an epic journey across four continents to speak with leading architects who serve as oracles of our time, revealing how the fate of humanity is shaped through the medium of architecture.


These conversations provide Dada with new perspectives and raise many new questions about the future role of architecture: Should quality of life be the only goal for future generations? Are we on the verge of a more inclusive society where playing, learning, working and living together will take place? Will the demise of car culture give way to a more socially interconnected environment? What will sustainability mean in the future? Will future architects be able to adapt to the challenges of a more crowded planet, and are we, as humans, capable of building a livable future?


In Dada's attempt to find answers, the architects ultimately lead us to re-discover lost meaning and think about what really matters.


Alessandra Stefani


Alessandra Stefani is an emerging Italian director whose background includes ten years as Artistic Director for a multi-national company. In 2017, Alessandra took a step towards aligning her creativity with her cinematic ambitions and realized her first short film entitled “Il top in ceramica”. The film was presented in New York where it screened in contention for the prestigious ADC Award. In 2018, Alessandra attended the New York Film Academy. One year later, she founded independent film studio, Scarabeo Entertainment, and began shooting her first feature documentary, The Arch. In February 2020, Alessandra and her team attended the European Film Market in Berlin to introduce Scarabeo Entertainment to the international market and present the company’s upcoming slate.


Directors Statement
I set out to make this film for an audience of adult cosmopolitan travelers committed to staying connected with a world shaped by architecture. The Arch.. is a tale of self-discovery and revelation that echoes the archetypal journey of a hero(Dada) and his quasi-magical encounters. From the protagonist’s perspective, architecture is the guise of things, the exterior sign that reveals mentalities, social habits, and the vision of the future. I wanted to connect the past to the future, the east to the west. The character of Dada is a device, a vehicle to forge this connection. Thanks to him, we meet the extraordinary architects who guide us toward a deeper understanding of concepts such as responsibility, sustainability and happiness. In a crescendo of suggestions and provocations, through time and exposure to life, Dada will transform himself into a brand-new human being. Ultimately, I hope the film will serve as an overture into the spirit of Contemporary Architecture and I am confident that through Dada’s journey, it will engage, inspire, and leave us with an enriched perspective on our own lives.


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