Frey II: The Architectural Interpreter


Virtual Cinema Thu, Nov 19 5:00 PM - Thu, Dec 3 11:59 PM
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Q&A after the film with: Director Jake Gorst
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Run Time:83 min
Release Year:2020



In 1939, Swiss-born Corbusian architectural envoy Albert Frey embarked on a decades-long journey of discovery. His world travels and love of nature would lead him to carve out a new style of modernism, leaving its indelible mark on the desert community of Palm Springs, California. With never-before-seen archival films, photographs and interviews, Frey II: The Architectural Interpreter continues to reveal the mystique of an influential architectural master.


This is the second of a two-part documentary. The first part, Frey I: The Architectural Envoy was finished in 2018.  Both films are by the director Jake Gorst and produced by Design Onscreen, and both will be available to see with the same ticket.


Albert Frey, the unpretentious Swiss-born mid-20th century architect, was a key figure in the introduction of Corbusian-influenced modernism to the United States. Through his innate curiosity of the American landscape, he developed an extraordinary design style, blending industrial techniques and a love of nature.


This film explores his formative years while working closely with Le Corbusier in Europe. It also shows his important  transition to America, including the famed Aluminaire House, the Canvas Weekend House, the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), as well as his Kocher-Samson Building in Palm Springs. The film reveals why Frey is such a significant force in the development of modernism in the United States.


Jake Gorst


Jake Gorst and Tracey Rennie Gorst have produced many films, including the documentary series Frey (2018-20, Design Onscreen) as well as The Nature of Modernism: E. Stewart Williams, Architect (2014, Design Onscreen); Modern Tide: Midcentury Architecture on Long Island (2012, Design Onscreen); William Krisel, Architect (2010, Design Onscreen); Journeyman Architect: The Life and Work of Donald Wexler (2009, Design Onscreen); and Desert Utopia: Midcentury Architecture in Palm Springs (2006,Design Onscreen). Their films Farmboy (2006) and Leisurama (2005), have been in national US public television distribution. Jake is the author of the book Andrew Geller: Deconstructed (2015, Glitterati Inc.) and is an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker and the director of Mainspring Pictures LLC. He is also a contributing writer to The Architect’s Newspaper, VOX Hamptons, HOME Miami, Modern, and Modernism magazines.




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