Short Films Program I: Inspired by Mentors

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Virtual Cinema Thu, Nov 19 5:00 PM - Thu, Dec 3 11:59 PM
Introduction TBA
Q&A after the film with: Director



Inspired by Mentors

This program honors the importance of learning from those who inspire us to be our best. The films include Pritzker Prize winners like Zaha Hadid and Glenn Murcutt to lessor-known, but equally important innovators, as seen through the lens of the filmmakers.


Dear Esther

2019 / 7:28 min / USA

Director: Nora Stone

In 1989, a woman writes a letter to her mentor. She reminisces about a life-changing campaign they spearheaded to save a historic home, twenty years prior.


Zaha Hadid: Words by Eva Jiricná

2020 / 9:30 min / UK

Directors: Laura Mark and Jim Stephenson

Zaha Hadid was a visionary. When she passed away in 2016 she left behind a legacy of built and imagined architecture that is among the most recognizable and influential in the world.

This short film highlights some of her key works and features her long-time friend and fellow architect, Eva Jiricná, who shares her memories of their time together, and of Hadid's early struggle for understanding and her eventual acceptance. "I think sometimes with stars we forget about the person behind the work or the image of them” - Eva Jiricná

LionHeart: Architecture, Poetry, Healing

2020 / 5 min / UK

Director: Jim Stephenson

Poet Rhael Cape, aka LionHeart, is a poet and a spoken-word performer. Over time, and working closely with architects and those who inhabit their buildings, his research and his work has explored architecture and poetry's relationship around emotional inhabitance, and its connection to memory and mental health in the city.



Dagmar Richter: Influencing Great Architecture

2020 / 10:22 min / USA

Director: Umay Gunes Kurtulan

Architect Dagmar Richter influences new generations of architects by setting a bold and fearless example of versatility within architecture, through a feminist outlook.



Glenn Murcutt Master Class

2014 / 38:45 min / Australia

Director: Catherine Hunter



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