The Whole World

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Virtual Cinema Thu, Nov 19 5:00 PM - Thu, Dec 3 11:59 PM
Introduction TBA
Q&A after the film with: Directors Sebastián Martínez, Producer Paula Orlando
Film Info
Run Time:70 min
Release Year:2019
Premier:USA and Canada
Original Langauge:Spanish with English Subtitles
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Sebastian Martinez



Though utopian communities rarely live up to their promise, their bold attempt by remarkable people is a story worth telling. Francisco Piria was such a person. A Urugyuan businessman and son of Italian immigrants, Francisco was a politician, a tourist entrepreneur, a knight, a master of the great esoteric science—alchemical symbolism, and author of the first utopian novel of Uruguay. This film is the fascinating story of the building of Piriápolis, one of Uruguay’s great beach resorts, and the lifelong effort of this great pioneer, entrepreneur and visionary.


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