A Moving Sound

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Carol Reichgut Concert Hall Thu, Oct 10, 2013 8:00 PM


In the music of A Moving Sound, traditional Taiwanese, Chinese and neighboring Asian musical ideas are fused with modern western song compositions. Traditional instruments such as the Chinese erhu (fiddle), the zhong- ruan(lute), an assortment of western instruments, and the transcendent vocals and dance of lead singer Mia Hsieh, transport listeners on a journey that Global Rhythm ...magazine describes as "...delicately balanced between many worlds…an entryway to Eastern music and artful expression of the human condition."

A Moving Sound has attracted international attention for opening doors to the under explored territory that is Pan-Asian music. The group is intensely passionate about how it presents the use of traditional instruments in its contemporary sound. Their approach is to be holistic – combining art, spirituality, social awareness, and a universal love of humanity play key roles in the creative process.