2021 Oscar Nominated Shorts - PACKAGE DISCOUNT



Rose Virtual Cinema Fri, Apr 2 12:00 AM


5 day rental • BURROW (USA, 6 min.), GENIUS LOCI (France, 16 min.), OPERA (USA, 9 min.), IF ANYTHING HAPPENS I LOVE YOU (USA, 12 min.), YES-PEOPLE (Iceland, 8 min.) Plus a selection of additional animated shorts from the AMPAS shortlist: KAPAEMAHU (USA, 8 min.), THE SNAIL AND THE WHALE (UK/Germany, 26 min.), TO GERARD (USA, 7 min.) • A LOVE SONG FOR LATASHA (USA, 18 min.), DO NOT SPLIT (USA/Norway, 36 min.), HUNGER WARD (USA, 40 min.), COLETTE (France/Germany/USA, 24 min.), A CONCERTO IS A CONVERSATION (USA, 13 min.) • This year's Oscar nominated live action short films! THE PRESENT (Palestine, 25 min.), FEELING THROUGH (USA, 19 min.), TWO DISTANT STRANGERS (USA, 25 min.), WHITE EYE (Israel, 21 min.), THE LETTER ROOM (USA, 33 min.)