Brigette Aldrich

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Crystal Alchemy Bowls

Experiencing Joy; Collective Cacoa Ceremony
Sunday, June 27; 5:30 - 6:45 p.m ; Movement Studio

Embark on a heart opening ceremony using one of the world’s most powerful medicines for stimulating joy, cacao. Extracted from all natural cacoa beans, better known as the key ingredient in chocolate, cacoa has been used by the Aztec and Myan for generations to create connection and openness within their community.

Experienced in the art of cacao ceremony, Blair Lauren Brown, plant medicine expert and Claudia Nanino, breathwork guide, will prepare traditional ceremonial cacao, help attendees set intentions, and guide the group into an open heartspace.  Bridgette Alderich, energetic intuitive and sound healer, will offer energetic alignment with quartz crystal singing bowl sound healing.

Bridgette Aldrich is an energetic intuitive who has become well known across the Wood River and Treasure valleys as an expert practitioner of sound bowl healing. Her technique involves connecting with your unique soul signature and spiritual guidance team, bringing you into energetic alignment using the intrinsic purifying nature of crystal alchemy bowls and the vibrational meditation—a.k.a. healing sound—they naturally produce. Call it Energetic Alchemy 2.0

Bridgette has been practicing heart-centered healing since 2012. Based out of Sun Valley, Idaho, she also travels regionally and abroad, offering Energetic Alignment and Sound Sessions to groups and individuals, including children.  More information is available at