Brandy Tuttle

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Presentation: InSight Stage Free Event
Chart Your Spiritual Journey and Rev Up Your RPM
Sunday, June 27; 11:00 - 11:45 a.m.; InSight Stage

In this power-packed 45 minutes, deep spirit, ancient wisdom and story converge. You’ll gain deeper insight, learn to trust your spiritual guidance system (GPS) and know why diving in and revving up your RPM process is the next right step. This FREE event will reset your spiritual trajectory, positioning you perfectly for receiving the enormous momentum waiting for you at Brandy’s live interactive workshop, Regression Progression Manifestation – The Art of Healing Across Time.

Regression Progression Manifestation - The Art of Healing Across Time
Monday, June 28; 9:30 a.m. - Noon; Cozy -131 Sun Valley Rd., Ketchum
Cost: $65 - Click here to purchase

This 3-hour workshop will put you on the fast track to spiritual co-creation by utilizing your past, unlocking your present and reframing your future. Learn to listen, align with & work in teamwork with your spirit guides as you’re coached through a group Regression Progression Manifestation (RPM) session.


“I know exactly what it feels like to suffer without end and with no hope in sight.

"I also know that with connection to Spirit, and through the disciplines of mindfulness and gratitude, I was able to discover gifts of power and strength I simply could not have imagined."  

      ~ Brandy Tuttle 

Brandy has traveled through life’s toughest lessons: she’s faced death, illness, suffering, tragedy – the darkest aspects of life, so she could in turn help others tap into their soul, trust their “spiritual G.P.S.” and come through to a level of inner peace, clarity and strength they didn’t know they had.

Her presentations, workshops and her internationally best-selling book, Grateful Powerful Strong: Next Level Navigation for the Spiritual Warrior, have captivated, immersed and transformed her audiences. Native tradition, ancient wisdom, and Brandy’s own incredible insight and empathic nature combines in a powerful invitation: to shift awareness, call on spirit guidance, and transcend – empowering her audiences to navigate confidently to a future of gratitude, power and strength.