Sam Wilcke, PhD

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Guided River Excursion
Saturday, June 26; 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.; 100 Saddle Rd. Ketchum
The Big Wood River runs through the Valley and is the lifeblood of the community. As any Sun Valley/Ketchum resident will attest, an authentic Sun Valley experience includes a visit to the river. Facilitator Sam Wilcke, PhD, who hails from the Wood River Valley, will lead an excursion to a favorite locals' swim hole along the river. Dip your toe or take a plunge.

Sam Wilcke, PhD hails from our own Wood River Valley. During his time growing up here, he was an avid hiker, skier/snowboarder, and tennis player. He was valedictorian of his class and went on to get degrees from Reed (BA), Caltech (BS), and UC Berkeley (PhD). After a distinguished career building and managing large data science teams, Sam retired in his 30s to refocus his life on wellbeing and philanthropy. Sam became a certified hypnotherapist to help students who have test taking anxiety and found himself helping people work through various other aspects of their lives. With a new found enthusiasm for mental and emotional wellbeing, Sam has been an avid attendee to countless workshops devoted to both personal growth and becoming a better therapist or counselor.