Beryl Solomon

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CBD Fact From Fiction, and what it can do for you?
Speakers: Blair Lauren Brown, Beryl Solomon, Pamela Hadfield
Saturday, June 26; 2:00 - 2:30 p.m.; InSight Stage

Blair Brown, author of two books on CBD and cannabis, co-founder of Poplar, the modern medicine cabinet, and plant medicine expert will be sharing the reasons to try CBD. She will unpack CBD fact from fiction as well as share about the availability and safety of CBD. She will bring to the stage Beryl Solomon, her co-founder, to tell her story about finding cannabis as a form of addressing her mental health, and Pamela Hadfield, a plant medicine advocate and cannabis activist to share different ways CBD has worked for her clients. They will cover the ailments and conditions CBD is used for, and answer questions from the audience.

An entrepreneur and business leader at heart, Beryl founded Poplar in 2017 after personally discovering natural medicine solutions.  Beryl added cannabis to her health and wellness routine and decreased her dependence on pharmaceutical anti anxiety/antidepressants. The journey was challenging and Beryl was inspired to make the natural drug space more easily accessible and understandable - feeling good should be simple! Prior to transitioning into the wellness space, Beryl was a Fashion and Retail Executive focused on creating and growing best in class brands.   

Beryl leads all things business at Poplar.