Adi Amar



Restore and Relax Deeply
Saturday, June 26; 3:45 - 5:00 p.m.; Movement Studio

Restore and relax in this deeply nourishing and healing practice. Experience a state of rest  deeper than sleep through restorative postures, breath work, guided meditations and sound to  enhance your inner experience of well being and equilibrium. Luxuriate in your own inner  atmosphere and be saturated with the life giving and healing qualities of mother earth. We live  in a petal to the metal society. This often times can trigger a sympathetic response that can  leave us feeling depleted, disconnected, anxious and fragmented. When we create a safe and  intimate relationship with ourselves, we can accept and explore the entire range of what we are  experiencing from a restful state. This allows us to relax, release, restore, repair and rebuild  ourselves so we can show up in the world our very best.

Yoga in the Park
Sunday, June 27; 12:45 - 1:45 p.m; Experience Park

Adi Amar has been exploring the contemplative arts and sciences since 1994. Under the  guidance of Baba Hari Das she completed her first formal training in 2001. Adi weaves  yoga, meditation and sound as physical, mental, emotional and energetic healing systems  for well being. 

Adi’s curiosity about the body, mind, emotions and energy systems inspires a regular  practice of pranayama and meditation. Her discerning and loving eye guides people  through their blind spots and allows one to journey through unfamiliar territory with awe  and wonder, paving new paths and modes of response. She is grateful to the many  genius’s that she has been blessed to learn from. Baba Hari Dass, Sadhguru, Tim Miller,  Bhavani Maki, Nicki Doane, Eddie Modestini, Mary Obendorfer, Eddy Marks, Lorin Roche  and Camille Maurine are just a few of her most influential teachers. 

Adi Amar also teaches yoga online with Yoga Today. Filming in beautiful places like  Jackson Hole, WY. , Moab, UT., and Sedona, AZ. as backdrops. Yoga Today offers a large  library of yoga and meditation classes on the Internet. Adi’s yoga classes give her viewers  a variety of challenging, healing and meditative sequences that they can follow.