Ancient Snapshots: Verde Valley Family Life from the 11th to 14th Centuries

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Virtual Screening Room Wed, Jul 14 6:00 PM
Arizona / Mountain Standard Time


Ever wonder what Arizona was like one thousand years ago? Step back in time to the eleventh through fourteenth centuries and discover how ancient people in the Verde Valley of Central Arizona lived. Showcasing some of the 50,000 artifacts recovered from the Dyck Cliff Dwelling in Rimrock, Arizona, this program offers a snapshot of daily life including shelter, diet, tools, household goods, clothing, and leisuretime activities. Unlike so many other cliff dwellings in the Verde Valley that were robbed of their archaeological materials by pot hunters seeking treasures, the collection of artifacts and ancient food remains from the Dyck Cliff Dwelling provides a rare window into the Verde Valley’s ancient past. 


This program is part of “Arizona History On The Road” a partnership between the Arizona Historical Society and Certified Historical Institutions throughout the state.


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