The WizBangs



The Miller Center Sat, Nov 20 7:30 PM
Event Info
Event Type:Concert
Artist:The WizBangs


A father and his two sons plus a bevy of talented friends make up The WizBangs. Each family member has a unique memory of what brought them together on their musical journey, but they agree on the essentials. They are a rock and roll band but love many musical genres. They love creating their own songs together with every album having its unique story. Sure, they do cover songs of the great bands in their live shows, but those fit into a narrative of how each song impacted their lives.

There are no secrets into what's gone on in their lives. It’s right there in every song. Love, pain, a broken heart, a hopeful heart, a beautiful day, the joy of rock and roll. They want to share that joy with you.