To Persevere



DECC Symphony Hall Sat, Mar 19 7:00 PM


Brahms Violin Concerto 

Geneva Lewis 
Beethoven Symphony No. 5
Intimacy and profoundness meet boldness and resilience in this evening’s performance. Brahms wrote his beautiful, yet powerful, Violin Concerto for his friend Josef Joachim. For our performance, guest soloist Geneva Lewis will be playing the famed “Joachim Stradivarius” - the actual instrument on which Joachim premiered the piece in 1879. Beethoven’s Symphony No.5 then brings down the house in a fury of unrelenting persistence. Following a compositional idea that takes us from darkness to light, Beethoven perfectly illustrates his own personal struggle with his oncoming deafness: Through struggle and perseverance, he leads us to victory and triumph.