Documentary Encore "Last Boat From Bordeaux"



Eppes Auditorium Wed, Aug 11 7:00 PM
King Auditorium Wed, Sep 22 7:30 PM
King Auditorium Thu, Sep 23 7:30 PM


Documentary Premiere "Last Boat From Bordeaux"

In the spring of 1940, the German war machine was racing across Europe. Amid the chaos and destruction, one young man, like many others, answered the call of his government and his conscience. Sixteen-year-old Francis de Marneffe left his home in Brussels that May, headed for France on his bicycle with 500 francs in his pocket. As he waved good-bye to his family, he had no idea that five long years of war would pass until he saw them again -- if indeed he ever did. The boy was Francis de Marneffe. In 2001, he published his book, Last Boat From Bordeaux, detailing this amazing journey. Filmmaker Steve Jackson captured Francis retelling the journey. It's a  breathtaking tale told by the man who lived it. 60 minutes.

The premiere of this documentary will be followed by a talkback with Francis de Marneffe.

This event is a fundraiser for The Park Theatre. A wine reception will follow the Q&A. Tickets $25.