Mama Weed


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Film Info
Release Year:2020
Production Country:France
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Jean-Paul Salomé
Cast:Isabelle Huppert
Liliane Rovère
Hippolyte Girardot
Iris Bry
Pierre Rousselet


Those of us familiar with Isabelle Huppert tend to associate her with her more fearless roles in films like The Piano Teacher (Michael Haneke, 2001).  What fun it is to take in a true crowd pleaser like Mama Weed in which Huppert plays a translator working for the police, who gets involved in the other side of drug dealing.  The stakes are high, but the film plays it fairly light, and it is a joy to watch Huppert stay one step ahead of her bumbling colleagues in the police department as they struggle to discover her alter ego.