I'm Your Man


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Film Info
Release Year:2021
Science Fiction
Production Country:Germany
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Maria Schrader
Cast:Maren Eggert
Dan Stevens
Sandra Hüller
Hans Löw
Annika Meier


Alma is a scientist at Berlin's famous Pergamon Museum. In order to obtain research funds for her studies, she accepts an offer to participate in an extraordinary experiment. For three weeks, she must live with a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence designed to allow it to morph into that of her ideal life partner. Enter Tom, a machine in human form, created to make her happy.

From Director Maria Schrader (Unorthodox) comes a very humourous and thoughtful twist on The Stepford Wives, Weird Science, and films of that ilk.  It posits the question, can someone (or some thing) tailor made for you, get boring? Do we want someone to just cater to our every whim? What if they looked like Dan Stevens?