Family Shorts (VIRTUAL)

No Longer Available

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Type of Film/Event:For Families
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Running Time:60 min


This program may be streamed from October 11 - 17.

Cozy up on the couch with the whole family for this fantastic selection of short films - perfect for all ages!

Included Shorts

Jubilee (Jubilé) (7min) 2016 I France More
Milk (5min) 2021 I LI Premiere I New Zealand More
Goalie (2min) 2020 I United States More
Around the Block (3min) 2020 I Scotland More
Elephant (Elefant) (4min) 2018 I Deutschland More
Rock Paper Scissors (7min) 2018 | United States More
Mime Your Manners (3min) 2020 I United States More
Rag Dolls (4min) 2017 | United States More
Lady and the Frog (4min) 2014 I United States More
The Chase (1min) 2020 I World Premiere I United States More
Peas (2min) 2018 I Israel More
Slurp (4min) 2018 I France More
Super Generic (2min) 2020 I United States More
Mr. Night Has a Day Off (2min) 2016 I Lithuania More
Sounds between the Crowns (15min) 2020 I Czech Republic More