Drunken Cinema: The Lost Boys


Apollo Cinema Fri, Oct 15 9:15 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1987
Production Country:USA
Original Langauge:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Joel Schumacher
Cast:Jason Patric
Corey Haim
Dianne Wiest
Barnard Hughes
Edward Herrmann


What happens when you mix together the 80s, the two Coreys, babes, bikes and a lot of blood? You get one of the best vampire movies ever made!

Drunken Cinema invites you all to SANTA CARLA (a.k.a. Apollo Cinema) to participate in an interactive film going experience in celebration of THE LOST BOYS! Re-live the vampires’ keen fashion sense, Kiefer Sutherland’s goosebumps-inducing evil laughter and of course THE FROG BROTHERS in a great theatre with a great crowd!

*Customized playing card and additional prop are included in the price of admission. Groupons not accepted.

The Lost Boys (1989)
18A, 1h37m
A mother and her two teenage sons move to a seemingly nice and quiet small coastal California town yet soon find out that it's overrun by bike gangs and vampires. A couple of teenage friends take it upon themselves to hunt down the vampires that they suspect of a few mysterious murders and restore peace and calm to their town.