Sprocket Society All Monsters Attack


Grand Illusion Cinema Tue, Oct 26, 2021 8:00 PM


Part of All Monsters Attack! The Sprocket Society rises from the plague pits with an all-undead Halloween show on 16mm film. Featuring Night of the Living Dead (1968) plus shorts.

A group of panicked strangers find themselves thrown together, barricaded in a remote location as the world they’ve always known suddenly dissolves amidst unspeakable horror. With no help, no supplies, and precious little information, they battle impossibly relentless foes: flesh-eating ghouls risen from the grave, and the monsters within each other. With nowhere to run, they cling to hope as ever-growing desperation -- and mobs of zombies -- close in around them like a sleepless grave.

George Romero’s genre defining Night of the Living Dead is a masterpiece of low-budget mood and gruesome horror. It has also been an avatar for evolving social anxieties and critique for over 50 years. Its famously documentary-like feel amplifies the shattering horror of the tale, while retaining an immediacy that continues to affect and haunt viewers today. With the mass traumas of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Trump era casting the film in a whole new light, it’s a Halloween experience you won’t want to miss. 

PLUS: Rare shorts and cartoons featuring mummies, vampires, and other undead creatures! All films on 16mm film!