A Night of Hispanic Music and Theater


Downstairs Perkins Hall Fri, Nov 12, 2021 7:00 PM


Music, Mini-Plays, and Margaritas!

MUSIC! Brazilian music with Paddy League and Amor Barato

Guitarist, percussionist, and vocalist Paddy League leads this trio - featuring FSU graduate students José Serrano on bass and Austin Testerman on percussion - in a journey through the popular music of Brazil, from classic bossa nova and samba to contemporary songs in traditional rhythms. Swinging, smooth, and sultry, with accents of jazz, this is the sound of Rio de Janeiro thriving in the red clay of North Florida.


MINI-PLAYS! Three 15-20 minute short plays performed in English

23 Movements was written by Spanish playwright Carlos Zamarriego, and translated into English by Alejandra Gutierrez. A conversation between two strangers ends up in a bet. What is it that define us? What we chose or what has happened to us in our lives? Do we have a say? While playing a chess match at a bar in Paris, Anaelle and Andrés will be moving the pieces of their very own lives. The play is directed by Curt and Beth Blair and performed by Kevin Carr and Alejandra Gutierrez.


The Madwoman of Chaillot is a piece written by Gladys Prince and directed by Alejandra Gutierrez. In this one-person monologue, a free-spirited woman shares her unique way of looking at and living in the world, and celebrates life whether or not those around her understand or accept her. Says the Madwoman, “Before, after leaving the stage I used to go home. There, my children, my dog Milu, and my color-blind husband were waiting for me. But they aren’t there anymore, because they couldn’t bear the idea of living with a mad woman.” The role is interpreted by Marcy Palmer.


Bound to Tampico is a play based of the short story “El guardagujas” (The Switchman) by Mexican writer Juan José Arreola. The adaptation from the original Spanish text was by D. Stephen Kahn, a local lawyer and theater enthusiast. This is a satiric short play about the encounter on a deserted train station of an American passenger desperate to get to Tampico, where he is going to board a boat to the US, and a retired switchman who tells him a series of preposterous anecdotes about the Mexican railroad system, switching the passenger from the track of reason onto the track of the absurd. the play is directed by Tahirih Lee. The play is directed by Tahirih Lee and performed by Duncan Hoehn, Tahirih Lee and Camille Vilela.


MARGARITAS! Specialty Lime, Strawberry, and Mango Margaritas made with fresh fruit will be available for purchase, along with the Opera House’s usual full bar featuring a selection of premium beer, wine and cocktails.