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Film Info
Release Year:2021
Production Country:Belgium
Original Langauge:French
Cast/Crew Info
DIRECTOR:Julia Ducournau
STARRING:Agathe Rousselle
Vincent Lindon
Garance Marillier
Laïs Salameh
Mara Cissé


A young girl named Alexia is severely injured when the car she's in becomes involved in a crash but her life is saved when doctors are able to implant a titanium plate in her skull. Following the accident, Alexia (Agathe Rousselle) becomes fascinated by automobiles and she goes on to work as an exotic dancer in a nightclub dedicated to the glory of the automobile, where her memorable dances have made her an underground idol. Eventually the unorthodox events of her existence lead her to connect with a firefighter from her past in an equally unorthodox way.