The Trip


Playhouse Fri, Nov 5 3:00 PM
Playhouse Fri, Nov 5 6:00 PM
Playhouse Sat, Nov 6 3:00 PM
Playhouse Sat, Nov 6 6:00 PM
Playhouse Sun, Nov 7 3:00 PM
Playhouse Sun, Nov 7 6:00 PM
Film Info
Release Year:2011
Production Country:United Kingdom
Original Langauge:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Michael Winterbottom
Cast:Steve Coogan
Rob Brydon
Claire Keelan
Margo Stilley
Paul Popplewell
Screenwriter:Michael Winterbottom


When Steve Coogan is asked by The Observer to tour the country's finest restaurants, he envisions it as the perfect getaway with his beautiful girlfriend. But, when she backs out on him, he has no one to accompany him but his best friend and source of eternal aggravation, Rob Brydon.