2nd Chance

Dir. Ramin Bahrani, 2022, 89 min


Missouri Theatre Thu, Mar 3 10:00 PM
Rhynsburger Theatre Fri, Mar 4 7:45 PM
The Picturehouse Sat, Mar 5 10:30 PM
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Original Language:English


There’ve been many documentaries about American gun culture, but you’ve never seen one remotely like this. 2nd Chance takes an unflinching, frequently hilarious look at Richard Davis, the inventor of the concealed bulletproof vest. Davis notoriously shot himself 100+ times on camera to promote his product—but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Oscar-nominated narrative-film veteran Ramin Bahrani has chosen for his first feature documentary an uproarious, if unnerving, slice of Americana. 2nd Chance initially operates in the darkly comedic tradition of Winnebago Man, Finders Keepers, and American Movie, but as former business partners and ex-wives weigh in—and we witness one of the most deranged father-son interactions ever commited to tape—the belly laughs uncover both a troubling character study of an unreliable narrator and a thoughtful meditation on gun violence. (EAH)