The Balcony Movie

Dir. Pawel Lozinski, 2021, 100 min


Missouri Theatre Thu, Mar 3 6:45 PM
Rhynsburger Theatre Fri, Mar 4 10:15 PM
Showtime Theater @ The Blue Note Sat, Mar 5 9:30 AM
Film Info
Original Language:Polish


Director Pawel Lozinski spent 21/2 years stationed on the balcony of his Warsaw apartment with his camera pointed at the sidewalk, calling out to passersby to ask them one question—"Who are you?" Some people stop and indulge this new observer, while others hurry along to escape the camera’s gaze. Through candid conversations, Lozinski creates a kind of street confessional, a space for people to share their stories and reflect on the meaning of life in honest, humorous, and heart-warming ways. The seasons change, and we observe the passing of time as characters return to the frame periodically to share small moments of their daily reality with the filmmaker. The Balcony Movie may stem from the limitation of filming from one perspective, but the film soon unfolds into an expansive and rich portrait of humanity. (CT)