Dir. Francesco Montagner, 2021, 97 min


The Picturehouse Thu, Mar 3 10:00 PM
Willy Wilson @ Ragtag Fri, Mar 4 4:00 PM
The Picturehouse Sat, Mar 5 5:15 PM
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Original Language:Bosnian


Jabir, Usama, and Useir, three Bosnian brothers at different stages of adolescence, live together in idyllic surroundings with their father, Ibrahim, an Islamic preacher who raises sheep. But when the authorities sentence their stern patriarch to two years’ imprisonment on terrorism charges, each brother spends his absence wrestling differently with their own hopes, dreams, and uncertainties under the shadow of his formidable expectations. This immersive and sensory-rich documentary delivers intimate access to four years in the lives of siblings for whom a strict religious upbringing and sheepherding coexist with secular schooling, selfies, and the world-shrinking pressures of social media. With stunning cinematography and an intuitive, experiential approach to story and character, Brotherhood mines the unique specificity of its subjects and setting for universal insights into youth, family, and the many paths to adulthood. (EAH)