Canoa: A Shameful Memory

Dr. Felipe Cazals, 1976, 115 min


Big Ragtag Sun, Mar 6 3:15 PM
Film Info
Original Language:Spanish


This screening is presented as part of our True Vision Award program. We invited True Vision awardee Juan Pablo González to select a film that inspired his own creative practice as a filmmaker. His selection, Canoa: A Shameful Memory, is one of Mexico’s most searing works of political cinema. Filmmaker Felipe Cazals blends a documentary aesthetic with tropes of the horror genre to reimagine a real-life incident that happened eight years prior to production. On Sept. 14, 1968, the village of San Miguel Canoa became the site of a brutal lynching when young university workers were wrongly accused of being communist agitators by a corrupt local priest. Cazals forensically details the events of that fateful day in a blistering commentary on religious hysteria, political repression, and mass violence. (CT)