Days and Nights of Demetra K

Dir. Eva Stefani, 2021, 72 min
12 Days & Nights of Demetra K.png


Willy Wilson @ Ragtag Thu, Mar 3 9:45 PM
Big Ragtag Fri, Mar 4 4:30 PM
Rhynsburger Theatre Sat, Mar 5 7:45 PM
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Original Language:Greek


Meet Demetra K., a longtime sex worker who operates out of one of the oldest brothels in Athens—and enjoys her job. As this raw, direct, and affectionate portrait opens, we encounter Demetra in performative host mode, showing us around her workplace with amiable pride and wry humor. Here, we observe the more mundane details of her daily life as she regularly surveys two monitors, one showing her the day’s news, and the other linked to a security camera outside her front door. Over the course of 12 hard economic years, Demetra opens up more and more to director Eva Stefani’s camera, bringing us ever closer to a funny, wise woman who owns dogs and feeds stray cats, shops locally, and sneers at right-wing politicians. (EAH)