Factory to the Workers

Dir. Srdan Kovacevic, 2021, 106 min


Big Ragtag Thu, Mar 3 5:00 PM
Rhynsburger Theatre Sat, Mar 5 9:30 AM
The Picturehouse Sun, Mar 6 5:45 PM
Film Info
Original Language:Crroatian


The ITAS machine tools factory in Croatia was once a symbol of rebellion and collective power. In 2005, workers resisted the factory’s privatization by organizing a successful worker takeover, continuing production for 10 years. Now, ITAS is struggling to remain open in the face of capitalism and restructuring its joint-ownership model. Filming inside the factory over five years, first-time feature director Srdan Kovacevic captures the complex interpersonal relationships involved in its day-to-day operations. A primarily observational camera profiles skeptical floor workers and one of their leaders struggling to negotiate the needs of a disgruntled workforce, and a stubborn executive leadership saddled with addressing the obstacles posed by a growing global market economy. The employees saved the factory once through grit and determination, but is there still a place for the shareholders’ model in a rapidly changing market? (RR)