Dir. Nastia Korkia, 2021, 77 min


Showtime Theater @ The Blue Note Fri, Mar 4 11:00 AM
Willy Wilson @ Ragtag Sat, Mar 5 7:30 PM
The Picturehouse Sun, Mar 6 1:00 PM
Film Info
Original Language:Russian
& English


GES-2 follows the conversion of the titular industrial space in the heart of Moscow—once an energy plant that fueled the Kremlin—into a massive public- facing cultural institution. With remarkable access to key players over a five- year period, director Nastia Korkia (director of T/F 2019 short “Dramatic and Mild” and producer of T/F 2022’s Where Are We Headed) brilliantly frames bumpy, tense, and revealing moments along the road to transformation. Like the best work of Frederick Wiseman, GES-2 takes a multilayered approach that embeds us with some of the most prominent and idiosyncratic people within systems of power, shining a light on function and dysfunction alike. As we meet architects, artists, handymen, tour guides, and muscle-bound security guards within this microcosm, Korkia’s assured ensemble portrait proves as eminently entertaining as it is incisive. (EAH)