Miguel’s War

Dir. Eliane Raheb, 2021, 128 min


Rhynsburger Theatre Fri, Mar 4 11:00 AM
Willy Wilson @ Ragtag Sat, Mar 5 10:00 PM
Showtime Theater @ The Blue Note Sun, Mar 6 8:00 PM
Film Info
Original Language:Arabic
& English


Born in 1963 to a conservative Lebanese family, Miguel never felt loved. After being shunned for his sexuality and having a traumatic experience fighting in Lebanon’s civil war, Miguel decided to move to Spain. Three decades of self-exile later, Miguel met filmmaker Eliane Raheb and was finally ready to confront his own history and embark on this cinematic psychological deep-dive to understand how he can move forward. With a shape-shifting form, Miguel’s War connects casting calls and reenactments with experimental animation and intensely introspective interviews to build an evocative portrait of a complicated man. Never shying away from the difficult questions, Raheb crafts a new cinema of catharsis and explores the limitations of memory and recollection in this sprawling examination of her unreliable narrator’s past, present, and future. (CT)